Find Freedom From Emotional Eating in 5 Simple Steps

8 Modules

Welcome to Freedom from emotional eating

Welcome to Freedom from emotional eating in 5 simple steps !

This online program includes 

- 5 teaching modules

- 2 bonus modules 

- Downloadable / printable workbook 

BONUS MODULE - Identify the KEY reasons WHY you comfort eat

In this module I will guide you through the various causes of emotional eating . 

Identifying the ROOT cause creates self-awareness which is the first step towards creating change

  • Physiology
  • Childhood programming - comfort and numbing /  unresolved trauma
  • Seeking relief - stress / anxiety / depression
  • ADHD
  • Social Factors
  • Enmeshment 
  • Protection - sexual trauma 
  • Lack of pleasure
  • Fatigue
  • Reward / punishment 
  • Distraction / boredom/ loneliness 

Module one - Understand the cycle of emotional eating

Most addictive patterns of behaviour are cyclical Understanding the cyclical nature of emotional eating helps to create massive awareness as a first step to change 

In this module I will be discussing / detailing each stage in the cycle

Module two - All you need to know about triggers

Module two will help you to identify and understand your triggers and how they are linked to and influence your behaviours 

Module three - How to develop short term and long term strategies to manage emotional eating

Do you have short term and long term strategies in place to interrupt the cycle of emotional eating ?

Module 3 will help you to work out an action plan that you can implement right away 

Module four - Learn the 3 steps to achieving emotional regulation

In module 4 we will learn the 3 steps to emotional regulation  -  KNOW, NAME AND NAVIGATE and understand  how to work with the nervous system using Polyvagal theory

Module five - Learn the best technique to regulate the nervous system

In this video I will walk you through a guided step by step technique for regulating the nervous system

BONUS - 12 steps to freedom from emotional eating - the trauma - informed strategy guide

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